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Sep 10th, 2017

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We set our goals high, have a never ending determination to succeed and persevere no matter the obstacle. Last night, everything came together and we came home with 2 hard fought, grueling victories. Thanks Andrey and Stephanie for your hard work, commitment and most of all your trust. You dedicated yourselves to the training for […]

Aug 10th, 2017

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Half Way (Video)

About half way through fight camp for Andrey & Stephanie and they’re both looking good.  Still have work to do, but I like how far they’ve come in the past month.  It takes an entire team to prepare for a fight, so let’s make sure to keep them sharp, motivated and on point these final […]

Jul 30th, 2017

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Thanks For Coming Out!

Fun time watching UFC fights with the Westside family last night! Plenty of food, laughs and maybe a beverage or two (or more.) Thanks for coming out, let’s do it again soon! 

Jun 9th, 2017

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Sparring – Video

Nice work from our team keeping the sparring technical and light last night.  You don’t need to spar hard and at full blast if you’re not actually preparing for a fight. Sparring with light contact and an almost playful mentality allows you to experiment with your offensive techniques and establish your defensive strategies with success. […]