Oct 31st, 2014

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Flying Kick Friday

Flying Kick Friday and Happy Halloween!  Check out this frightening flying roundhouse by Bobby.  We are open for training today so come get your Kickboxing high.  Kick or treat!!

Oct 29th, 2014

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Welcome Stephanie!

Welcome Stephanie Palisee to our Assistant Instructor Team!  Stephanie has trained all over the world including Thailand and has recently completed her Personal Training Course.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our team Stephanie!

Oct 20th, 2014

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Stay Intense!

INTENSE work last week!  Slam your glove in Monday’s face and keep it going this week!

Oct 16th, 2014

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Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday! That’s Stephanie with some dominant clinch work & sweet knee strikes in a 2011 victory. Will Denise & Mi Hee have their arms raised in victory? Let’s keep up the focus & intensity to make sure they’re ready!

Oct 14th, 2014

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Fights November 15

Westside fighters Denise Quesnel and Mi Hee Choi are now registered with the BC Athletic commission and have their 1st amateur bouts scheduled for Sat Nov 15th at the Maritime Labour Centre. (Opponents to be determined) Let’s work together to make sure they’re ready to represent in 4 weeks!

Oct 13th, 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

A fighter may step into the ring alone, but will only have success with support from the team. I’m thankful for my Westside Kickboxing Team. Enjoy the day off and see you later this week!