Sep 9th, 2014

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Slow Down, Learn The Techniques

“It’s not all about going in there, banging heads and see who comes out on top. It’s about learning the intricacies of the technique and then applying it under a controlled scenario so that you can learn it and eventually use it in full speed application.” — Josh Barnett, UFC veteran, Pride Fighting Championships Veteren, […]

Sep 6th, 2014

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That’s Dedication!

Super dedicated group of kickboxers training hard on a sunny Saturday in September! Have a nice weekend everyone!

Aug 29th, 2014

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Long Weekend

Labour Day Weekend! Get rested, recharged and come back strong for September. There’s training tonight but we’re closed on Saturday & Monday. Have a fantastic long weekend!

Aug 28th, 2014

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Working as a team to make each individual stronger. That’s how we roll!

Aug 27th, 2014

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Labour Day

Reminder that we are closed for all classes on Saturday, Aug 30 and Monday, September 1.  Hope everyone has an incredible long weekend!