Mar 5th, 2015

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Not necessarily Kickboxing related, but… I’ve  been experiencing too many businesses not following through on promises recently. If you say what you’re going to do, then do what you said! 

Mar 2nd, 2015

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New Facebook Album

I added a new album to our Facebook page.  Make sure to check it out at  And remember to “like” our page!

Feb 28th, 2015

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Thanks Jen!

Got a nice card from our Jenyfa all the way from Australia! I’ve been following her adventures on FB & Instagram and it looks like a great time. Thanks for the card Jen & enjoy your time downunder!

Feb 27th, 2015

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Flashback Friday

Sorry for the blurry video, but check out Assistant Instructor Stephanie 2013.  She’s hitting the pads at Suwit Gym in Phuket, Thailand.  Nice work Stephanie! httpv://

Feb 23rd, 2015

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Monday Blues?

Got Monday blues? Grab some sunshine and give those blues a kick to the face! Nice kick Sean!