Mar 1st, 2019

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No Change To Class Schedule

The “Yes” votes have beaten the “No” votes but after listening to many member’s reasons, we WON’T be making any changes to the evening class schedule. Our class schedule will remain the same. Thanks everyone for the input!

Feb 25th, 2019

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Dedication From Coach Wes (Video)

Gotta love the dedication from Coach Wes He worked hard in his usual class, then spent an extra hour hitting the heavy bag and working on his muscle endurance. Every punch counts, every kick counts, every push up counts and every dumbbell lifted counts. Love how you embrace the grind Wes!

Feb 24th, 2019

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Still Pumped Up

Almost 48 hours later and I’m still pumped up about Stephanie’s win. Her smile hides the hours of training, the miles of running, the blood, the sweat & the tears. That shiny championship belt makes it all worthwhile.  

Feb 23rd, 2019

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Great Fights!

May put on a great performance & showed so much heart & an improved game but came up short, losing via decision. Nobody likes to lose, but I’m proud of you May. You gave it your all, didn’t back down & you’ll come back even better next time! Stephanie wins the WKL Provincial Championship via […]

Feb 21st, 2019

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War Stephanie!!

Stephanie & Kaitlynn both made weight easily and will compete for the WKL Featherweight championship. WAR STEPHANIE!!