Covid-19 Closure

Mar 16th, 2020

Covid-19 Closure

It breaks my heart to do this, but I must announce that we’re going to temporarily suspend classes from Monday, March 16 until Tuesday, March 31. I’m committed to re-opening on Wednesday, April 1 unless health authorities advise against it.

I’ve been trying to balance the responsibility I have to you and the responsibility we have to the community at large. As much as I want to give you all a place to train, a place that is a distraction from this bad news but it’s just not the responsible thing to do for our world. Do I want to contribute to more potential illnesses? Do I want to contribute to any potential deaths? No and no. Let’s take the advice from health authorities and practice self isolation. Let’s practice proper hygiene. Let’s stay away from the public if feeling symptoms. BUT and a very important BUT, if at all possible, help out others, take care of those that need help and continue to support local, small businesses if you do get out. There’s a very good chance that some of our favorite stores, restaurants, coffee shops and yes gyms will not be able to make it through the pandemic.

I plan 100% on opening on April 1st but keep an eye on our social media just in case there are changes. If it’s at all possible, please keep your membership active as I only plan on suspending classes for 2 weeks. If there is a longer shut down (which I will try to avoid) then I will make plans on compensating you for lost time.

Stay safe, stay healthy and please help others if they need it. See you on April 1st!!

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