Daily Cleaning Routine

Dec 29th, 2020

Daily Cleaning Routine

Daily routine:

  1. Heavy bag stations disinfected after use.
  2. All equipment (skip ropes, med balls, kettlebells) disinfected after use.
  3. Every inch of floor space mopped every night.
  4. High touch surfaces disinfected 4 times per day. (Health Authorities recommend twice per day.)
  5. Surfaces that can’t be disinfected throughout the day (shoe racks, coat hooks, etc) get coated in 24 Hour anti-viral spray.

All cleaning duties are handled by myself or May. I do not outsource the cleaning routine. Nobody cares about your health & safety more than me. If I’m handling the cleaning, you know that it will be done and done properly.

Your health & safety has been the number 1 priority, over and above anything else including revenues and memberships since the pandemic began. It will continue to be that way until the pandemic ends.