Fight Results

Oct 12th, 2019

Fight Results

It was a tough night for our fighters and I’m beyond proud of them both. May had some very bad luck as both her contact lenses came out in the first minute of the first round. She braved it out and even fought into the second round with little vision but for safety reasons, I was forced to stop the fight. It was an incredibly courageous performance, but it was too much to ask her to fight without vision. Bad luck/good luck does play into this game and although it’s a loss in the record books, we’re not looking at it that way as May was unable to give her best due to the lack of sight. She’ll be back stronger, faster and better than ever!

Andrey fought a masterpiece of a fight utilizing his footwork, teeps and roundhouse kicks against a very tough opponent from Mamba MMA. It was a technical fight with both fighters displaying the best of kickboxing. I honestly thought Andrey had secured the decision victory but the judges didn’t agree and gave the win to his opponent. No matter, I’m happy with Andrey’s performance and I feel that was the best he’s looked since he’s started fighting. He’ll be back and he’ll also be better than ever!

Last but not least, thank you very much to the 50 strong we had cheering us on. You were the loudest section, you were the most supportive and we can’t do these fights without you. You certainly were loud, proud and incredible! Win, lose or draw, it’s always an honor to represent our team in the ring. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your neverending support!!

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