Just A Little Longer

May 15th, 2020

Just A Little Longer

I’ve received messages of excitement as there’s some gyms in Vancouver that announced their reopening. I ask for a little patience as we do have plans in place but for 2 reasons, I don’t want to announce a reopening yet. I’m in regular contact with Vancouver Coastal Health and WorksafeBC and am waiting for final safety guidelines. My 1st priority is your safety and I will not reopen until I’ve reviewed all guidelines and made the necessary changes to our operation. When we reopen, I will go overboard on safety precautions. I will err on the side of caution & I hope you understand that operations will be temporarily different. However, you can be confident that we’ll operate under the full guidelines of provincial authorities and that your safety will be our priority.

The 2nd reason I’m waiting to announce our reopening is that we’re re-tooling the gym in order to account for safe physical distancing. I’ve ordered 10 custom made heavy bag stands and of course, several more bags. The bags are scheduled to arrive today but the stands are being manufactured and will not arrive for another 3-4 weeks. Once they’ve arrived and we’ve secured them to the concrete floor, we’ll have 12-13 heavy bag stations to work in each class. Bagwork will replace partner padwork for the foreseeable future in order to maintain safe physical distancing.

Before we officially reopen for classes, we will have a “soft opening” where we will offer complimentary private lessons (booked via appointment) to current members. You will train with myself or May for 30-40 minutes of private practice until we transition into the official  Also, I’ll be posting videos soon on our new operational procedures, including mandatory temperature screening, separate entrance/exit doors, new class times/durations, new rules for the bathrooms/showers, class capacity, what’s expected of all members, etc.  All changes to our procedures will be for your safety and to comply with provincial authorities.

Nobody wants to open more than me, but I want to make sure that you’ll be safe, yet also provide you with an outstanding martial arts experience. Just a little bit more patience & understanding please!

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