Regular Reminder

Jan 25th, 2021

Regular Reminder

Regular reminder that we follow strict safety procedures in order to keep Open Gym training. Skip training if you’re feeling unwell in any way. If you’ve recently travelled outside the region, please contact me before booking a session so we can discuss if you should avoid training. 

Mandatory masks unless you are training at your station. Remember to disinfect your boxing gloves before & after training. We’ll disinfect all heavy bag stations, skipping ropes, dumbbells & medicine balls after use as well. All surfaces that can’t be disinfected after use (shoe racks, coat hooks, disinfectant bottles, door knobs, etc) get a coating of 24hr anti-viral spray every morning but also get disinfected 3-4 times daily.  Remember to keep 3m apart during training and we discourage any sort of gathering before & after your sessions. 

I encourage you to view our Covid mitigation plan (posted on the message board) regularly to remind yourself of our strict protocols. You’ve all been excellent and I love how you continue to look after each other. Please be safe and let’s all do our part in keeping Covid transmissions away from our community!

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