Please make sure to read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.  We are a Members Only Gym and do not offer drop-in classes, day rates or weekly passes.  PLEASE note, our $10 Trial Class is a way for you to see if we are a good fit for on-going training rather than a 1-time drop-in class.  If you are looking for a place to regularly train, then contact us for a trial.  If you are only looking for a single class or short term training, then we are not the right place.

* Please email or call ahead of time to reserve a spot for your $10 Trial Class.  Space is limited and we allow only 1-2  trial members per class.  

* New / Trial Members are required to train in “8:15 Beginners”  class unless prior arrangements are made.

* Permission from instructors must be given before attending “Advance” or “Intermediate” level classes.

* Class starts promptly so please arrive on time.  Latecomers are not allowed to participate once warm-up has begun.

* Members must be up to date on fees or they will not be allowed to enter class.  

* We reserve the right to close on Statutory Holidays, Christmas and New Years.

* Class Schedule subject to change due to a rise or drop in demand.




What type of equipment will I need?

  • We train in shorts/tights, tshirt and barefeet plus it’s a good idea to bring water.  
  • For the trial class, we’ll provide your boxing gloves.
  • At the Beginner Level, you’ll need your own 16oz boxing gloves and hand wraps.
  • At Intermediate & Advance Levels, you’ll need shin guards, mouth piece and groin protector (men).

How often can I train?

  • You can train as often as you like (staying within your skill level) but we do recommend 2-3 times per week.

What are the “All Levels” classes?

  • Fun classes for Beginners, Intermediate or Advance levels students.  Lot’s of hitting the pads, working the heavy bag and training with all our team members.

I’ve had some martial arts, muay thai, kickboxing, etc experience before.  Which class will I be able to attend?

  • We offer a $10 trial class, which MUST be taken in the Beginners class.  We can then assess your level and suggest the appropriate class once you continue on a full-time membership.

How long does it take to move up from the Beginners class to Intermediate?

  • Everyone is different, there is not set time table.  We assess you regularly during your training and then suggest a move into the next class when we feel it’s appropriate.

Do I need to spar or fight?

  • There is some contact with our drills at all the levels, but you won’t have to spar if you don’t want to.  There are specific classes for sparring in our Advance level and you can take that class if you wish or avoid it if you don’t want to spar.