Shadow Boxing Tips (Video)

Mar 18th, 2020

Shadow Boxing Tips (Video)

I was going to do a running/outdoor workout for the next video but after posting the home workout, I got many messages asking for shadow boxing tips. I get it, shadow boxing can feel awkward and many people have a tough time with it. Here’s 10 tips to help you through it!

RELAX! Don’t make a tight fist, relax your shoulders & neck area and make sure to breathe out on your strikes. (I like to think the breathing in takes care of itself.)

You’re not in a fight. Go slowly & practice the specific physical mechanics. Don’t get caught up in elaborate combinations. Simple, basic stuff and focus on your technical movements.

Pick out a specific offensive technique, combination or defensive movement and spend much of the round working on that. For instance if you picked a 1-2-knee-elbow as your combination to work, then do it slowly & technically throughout the round. Also throw in some speed/flow with that combination every now & then. Throw some jabs, some push kicks, some other combinations..then explode with your 1-2-knee-roundhouse. Then go back to movement, jabs & other strikes, Throughout that round, you will have performed your combination of choice 10-15 times at varied degrees of speed/flow. On top of that, you worked footwork & your other basics throughout that round.

Practice defence, head movement & blocks! Do the defensive reps and when the time comes to defend, you’ll be able to block/dodge instinctively.

Visualize. I go all out on this one. I visualize myself in the ring, darkness around but lights shining directly on the ring. I picture my opponent striking at me while I practice my defence. I visualize his reactions as I strike and then I adjust accordingly. I see my opponent’s movement and I look to move laterally to cut off his movement. I visualize failures in my defence and taking a shot, then giving back more than what he’s giving me. And yes, I visualize the end of the match when the referee raises my hand.

Practice fight strategy. If your opponent is aggressive, visualize what you may do. Will you use footwork & angles to evade their aggression? Will you hang tight and try to bang with them? What if your opponent likes to wait, to counter attack your movements? Will you attack blindly? Or will you use fakes & feints to draw out your opponent’s counter attack?

Combine defence with your offence. For example, slip the punch and rip a 3 strike combination. Or check the kick and return with a kick of your own. Block the body punch and return with hooks. Weave under the punch and return with a strong hook yourself.

Movement!! Work angles, footwork, forward movement, backward shuffling (not too much backwards!), circling and all the while you’re moving your head & staying balanced.

Practice your exit. That means what you do after your offensive combination. Will you take an angle after a slick 4 punch combination? Or sometimes that means immediately going into a defensive technique after your own offence. No matter what, don’t practice a strike and then just stand there. Your opponent will hit your right back! Do your strike and move to an angle or immediately perform a defensive maneuver

Combine strikes! Working punches and kicks together is obvious. Like peanut butter & jelly, knees go great with elbows. Punches can lead into elbow strikes. Throw a push kick then chase your opponent down with a hitch then punch.

BONUS TIP: Vary the heights of your strikes! Kick to the leg, body or head. Punch to the body (my fave!!) then go upstairs to the head. Don’t focus on only hitting the head, remember that most knockouts are set up by low kicks or body punches.