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Mar 31st, 2020

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Shout Out To You!!

SHOUT OUT to all of you who are doing what you’re supposed to be doing! You’ve heard me give a shout out to all the front line workers, the healthcare professionals, store clerks, pharmacists, delivery drivers, etc and they fully deserve our love & admiration. But I want to give words of appreciation to those […]

Mar 24th, 2020

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Live Workout March 24 (Video)

Here’s last night’s Instagram Live home workout!! Sorry for the popup notifications and a couple glitches. Have fun, modify whatever you need and hope you enjoy!!

Mar 23rd, 2020

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Next Instagram Live Workout

We’re prepping for tomorrow’s Instagram Live workout!! See us at 6:30 on Tuesday night for another fun, sweaty workout you can do in your living room. No equipment or partner necessary! See ya’ll online tomorrow!! Get on my Instagram @westsidekickboxing I’ll post the entire workout here and on our Facebook page if you’re not on […]

Mar 21st, 2020

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Live Workout! (Video)

Here’s today’s Instagram Live workout!! I had originally planned a 30 minute session but we were having so much fun that we went 45 minutes instead. Hope you all get a chance to train with James & myself and get a good sweat!!

Mar 18th, 2020

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Shadow Boxing Tips (Video)

I was going to do a running/outdoor workout for the next video but after posting the home workout, I got many messages asking for shadow boxing tips. I get it, shadow boxing can feel awkward and many people have a tough time with it. Here’s 10 tips to help you through it! RELAX! Don’t make […]