Thank You And Happy New Year

Dec 31st, 2020

Thank You And Happy New Year

I don’t think I need to reflect on the many times we’ve been kicked in the face this year but I do want to focus on one aspect of 2020. I’ll always remember how our Westside community, already strong and committed to each other, bonded even more than ever. You all supported each other through tough times. You took care of each other, looked after each other, added each other into your “social bubbles”, kept tabs on each other.

You missed each other during the restrictions. You smiled & laughed together (at a distance) when restrictions were lifted. And then you continued to provide support for each other (at a distance) when we were shut down yet again.

You kept training hard using our online workouts, either Live on Instagram or whenever you were available using our archived workouts on Facebook or Youtube. Some of you picked up running for the first time and others started cycling. You made the best of it by learning how to bake, started new hobbies & some of you volunteered your services to help those in need.

You offered me support and understanding during my difficult moments. You gave me gratitude for my extra efforts. Many of you offered to keep paying membership fees, understanding that our rent & other expenses needed to be paid even though revenues stopped. You cared about me, you cared about the gym and you truly did your best to make sure we could continue to operate throughout the many challenges we faced this year.

You took to heart, my call to support small businesses. You shopped local. You promoted small businesses with me. You did your best to help other struggling businesses continue fighting their battles.

I don’t want to focus on this year’s personal or professional struggles. Honestly, I’m over it and want to let it go. However, I’ll always remember how our Westside community came together, grew even stronger together even though we spent so much time apart. I’ll never forget how much you supported me and the gym through this most difficult year.

That is what I’ll take from 2020. The love, the support, the friendship. Our community. Truly the best community in the city.

Thank you all. Thank you and Happy New Year!